Doesn’t get much better than that! Thank you, Terry, for caring so much and for being so patient with Eli. You know when Jacqueline first suggested you take on Eli I was worried because we had been through so many Speech Therapists. But you did wonders with him. Visiting him twice at school made him feel so special and it really helped the teachers. Thank you!

You gave Eli the confidence he needed and you adjusted your daily agenda all of the time, whenever I’d tell you his latest challenge. We are so lucky to have had so much time with you.


My two children have been receiving three different types of services at SAGE for Children, for three years. My daughter has been receiving Speech Therapy with Terry Garshman, and we have seen tremendous improvement in her speech. Terry has a warm and nurturing way of working with my daughter. This has helped my daughter develop the confidence that she needs with her speech.

My son has been attending a socialization group with Joan Swanson for a year. This group has helped my son learn how to interact in a socially acceptable manner when with other children. This has been a great way for him to make new friends in a fun environment while also learning the importance of taking turns, sharing, using manners, and participating in a non-disruptive way. This has really been a wonderful experience for him and he looks forward to every group session. My son also had a wonderful experience with Maryellen Conboy and Melissa Friedman for Occupational Therapy. They helped him to improve his focus, balance, coordination and fine motor skills.

In total, my family has worked with 4 members of the staff at SAGE for Children, and they are all professional, kind and caring. I couldn’t be happier with the progress that my children made.


Dear Terry, Thank you so much for all you did for our son Jack. Jack’s communication and sentence structure has come along in leaps and bounds. The little man has so much to say and express to us. We are very grateful to you for his tremendous speech improvements. Sincerely,


My son started his treatment program just before he turned 4. I have been thrilled with staff, location and amenities at SAGE for Children. My son’s Speech-Language Pathologist, Terry Garshman, his Occupational Therapist, Melissa Friedman and Physical Therapist, Kathy Mulligan has provided me with feedback and suggestions for his treatment. They have been flexible in their approach and with scheduling, and my son has made tremendous progress under their care. He loves visiting the sensory gym and all of his treating team. I am very grateful for the service provided by SAGE for Children and would highly recommend this facility to any prospective family.


I am writing to tell you the most amazing news about Naomi. She has almost completed kindergarten at Upper West Success Academy, which is a Charter School that opened last fall. This is a school that has extremely high academic and behavioral standards. In addition to being adored by the staff, Naomi has formed wonderful friendships and has really fit in with her peers. She has also advanced to a second grade level in reading, has exceeded the school’s expectations in writing, and scored 107 percent on the two-day math assessment that took place this week.

I just want to express gratitude to all of you. You set the foundation and did incredible work with her. She has come so far on every level. She is such a happy, energetic, and fun loving child who has grown to feel very comfortable in her "own skin". We are so grateful to you.