Learning is
an Active Process!
SAGE for Children
Is an integrated and progressive private practice that has been helping children since 1996

“As an Educator and Speech-Language Pathologist, I have always believed strongly in the importance of sensory integration and its impact on a child’s maturation in relation to language, emotional and social development.”
       - Terry Garshman

Terry Garshman

Founder of SAGE for Children


Terry is an ASHA certified and licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, with multiple degrees from NYU in Special Education, Common Branches and School Administration. She is certified by The DOE and initially taught in the public school system before returning for her Masters Degree in Speech-Language Pathology. She worked in early intervention schools, both as a Speech- Language Pathologist and a Director. For over 20 years, Terry has run an innovative, multi-disciplinary private practice. Her area of expertise includes toddler, preschool and young elementary school age children. Terry combines her knowledge of sensory integration, when helping children with their expressive and receptive language skills. Her areas of expertise include but not limited to auditory processing, articulation, oral-motor strengthening/ oral placement therapy, therapeutic listening, pragmatics and floor play.

Since COVID-19, Terry has pivoted her practice to focus on teletherapy and is uniquely qualified to pivot, problem solve and adapt to these unprecedented times. She created new ways for children to learn and ran some very popular and innovative virtual groups throughout 2020. She is successfully continuing to work with children online both individually and in groups. Terry also offers support to families and schools to adjust to new learning styles during these new and challenging times.

STAY TUNED because Sage for Children will continue to strive in new directions, expanding our horizons and redefining strategies that will help bring out the best in each child during 2021.