How We Work


  • Initial phone consultation to determine what type of evaluation would best suit the needs of your child.
  • Evaluations consist of a written report including a meeting to discuss the evaluator’s results and recommendations.
  • School visits and calls to other professionals are made when deemed appropriate or at the request of a family.


  • Session frequency and length are based on the recommendation of the therapist.
  • Therapists offer separate scheduled times to update parents on their child’s current treatment, progress and future treatment plans.
  • Private updated reports are provided at the request of families and are done for an additional fee.

Additional Services:

  • Social Skills Groups to maximize peer interaction while giving emotional support.
  • Consultation with schools offering screenings for children to help identify children who may need support regarding language, modulation, sensory or social skills.
  • Inservices are offered to parents and professionals to help identify or strategize techniques for children who have different learning styles.
  • On-site school visits to observe children or support teachers to help children maximize their strengths while supporting different learning styles within their classrooms.

Payment for Services:

  • Fees for evaluations are based on type of assessment recommended. Weekly sessions fees are based on frequency and duration of services. For more information please call Sage for Children .
  • Payment for services is paid directly to the provider by the client.
  • Bills can be provided monthly to private pay clients for insurance purposes.




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